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Black Cube: Inside the Cadet Chapel

On Thursday, January 23rd, Black Cube Artist Fellow Jaimie Henthorn released Cadet Chapel l Chapel Cadet at Sie FilmCenter. This intriguing video explores the relationship between the United States Air Force’s Cadet Chapel in Colorado Springs, where much of the filming took place, and military drill. Cadet Chapel l Chapel Cadet provides viewers with a new perspective on the power dynamics associated with built environments, the military, and pop culture; ultimately revealing the complex interconnections between the physical, social, and psychological spaces. Jaimie Henthorn collaborated with electronic music producer Kate Simko and the London Electronic Orchestra to provide electronic dance music that enhances the visual, auditory, and conceptual repetition of the video.

The cadet honor guard featured in the video was chosen for me by the Air Force Academy, and I had a chaperone at all times. This degree of control over my actions was hugely influential over the final outcome of this work. Every day, young cadets form their sense of self and identity under the pressure of power structures that demand an orderly veneer – seventeen spires in a row, clean angles, symmetry, sheer perfection.

Jaimie Henthorn, Black Cube Artist Fellow

To witness this artist’s take on the association between the individual and community, spirituality and defense, check out the video.

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