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Redline and Black Cube New Exhibits

The Denver Post has recently praised RedLine Art Center and Black Cube Head Quarters for their daring new exhibits.

Redline Art Center has been noticed for it’s “Memento Amore” exhibit by Vinni Alfonso. The Denver Post has said “Alfonso globs acrylic paint on his canvases and three-dimensional objects — layers and layers of it — in dabs, clumps, swooshes and piles, instilling the surfaces of his works with an uneven, uneasy feel. His color choices are equally extreme. It’s not unusual for the most awful shades of mustard yellow, Easter egg purple, mint green and black to come at the viewer all at once.”

Black Cube’s exhibit “We Are Bodies” by Anuar Maauad was given equal praise for its enlightening take on how we view the human body. The Denver Post commented “And for objects made of plastic, they retain an impressive amount of humanity, enough that a viewer embraces them beyond their physical appearances and starts to appreciate what they have in common — and what the viewer has in common with them: quirkiness, strength, vulnerability.”

Read the article from the Denver Post here.