Black Cube takes the traditional idea of a museum and turns it on its head. As an innovative, unconventional nomadic museum engaging audiences around the globe, Black Cube stimulates the public with ambitious, experimental, and engaging contemporary art.

Nomadic Art Museum

Artist Fellowship

The Artist Fellowship is a 18 month program that provides artists with curatorial guidance to produce an ambitious, site-specific artwork that pushes the boundaries of artmaking. The fellowship provides artists with the resources and skills needed to grow and develop their art practice, encouraging them to investigate new perspectives, unleash profound ideas, and reach new, diverse audiences.

Site-Specific Projects

Each site-specific project is produced by an Artist Fellow specifically for a location, audience, or moment. These projects are adventurous in nature, taking place in unique locations regionally, nationally, and internationally, encouraging the public to engage with contemporary art.

"Black Cube is a novel, innovative museum that shows our society what an institution can be when is focuses on the basics - artists and audiences. It's no coincidence that the founder of this organization is an artist herself."

-Cortney Lane Stell, Executive Director and Chief Curator of Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum

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