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The Largest Earthwork by a Women Artist Is on View in the San Luis Valley

Colorado’s San Luis Valley is the highest alpine valley in the world. Courtesy of Black Cube

Marguerite Humeau joined forces with Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum to look at the past, present, and future of the San Luis Valley with Orisons, 84 sculptures across 160 acres.

Cortney Lane Stell, the visionary curator behind Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum, has taken on more than her share of challenging art installations in the eight years since the international art incubator emerged in 2015.

Along with numerous pop-up installations throughout the Denver area, Stell engineered such marvels as Desirée Holman’s Sophont in Action, a Sun Ra-esque ecstatic dance performance with handmade costumes and psionic helmets against a backdrop of video projections at Red Rocks Amphitheatre; the Institute for New Feeling’s Avalanche, a performance critiquing bottled water and its waste of resources carried out at night at the Denver Wastewater Management facility; German artist Andreas Greiner’s 24-feet-tall 3-D-printed anatomic sculpture of a Ross 308 boiler chicken hung within the grand hall of the Denver Public Library’s Central branch; and the list goes on.

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