Merage Foundation Israel (MFI) believes in harnessing individual empowerment to accelerate change – strengthening one to strengthen others – thereby promoting a prosperous state of Israel and nurturing the well-being of its citizens.

The Power of Empowerment


Promoting company, community, and cohesion, this prestigious national initiative builds solidarity and connectedness among 15,000 army reservists.  Company leaders receive ongoing support in team building, empowerment training and practical assistance for events, activities and volunteering opportunities.

Iranian Women Leaders

MFI established and supports 8 women’s clubs across the country which include; workshops, social get-togethers, and lectures on a variety of topics, such as economics and finance, health, law, and culture. Leading team members undergo leadership training and workshops and club members volunteer both for the community of Iranian immigrants and for Israeli society.


Each year the Wings program provides more than 3,000 immigrant youth and lone soldiers with the tools they need to enter Israeli society as confident and active citizens. In partnership with the Jewish Agency, Wings offers a continuum of services, from the time they first arrive in Israel and years after their release from the IDF, helping them achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

Connected to Life

This one-of-a-kind program promotes more confident, engaged senior citizens by organizing teens to teach them how to use a smartphone, strengthening inter-generational connections and social ties. Over 3,000 seniors and over 2,500 young volunteers have been supported since the launching of this program in 2018.

Negev Economic Development

MFI strategically advances the region’s vast potential, accelerating economic prosperity and growth, with initiatives such as DeserTech and AgriTourism. Including the first ever Negev Wineries Club, bringing together wine makers from the region to make the desert an attractive destination for wine tourism; and the International Merage DeserTech Competition, bringing hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs to spur the development and commercialization of technologies that address desertification, while making the Negev region a global hub for these technologies.

"I’d rate [the DesertTech Adaptation Seminar] as the best networking trip I’ve been on. Now we put the brain cells to work and make a positive impact. Thanks for the Negev hospitality.”

- CEO of a British Agrotech company

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