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Redline’s New Art Gallery in the Denver Post

Redline’s new exhibit “Carey Fisher”, curated by Cortney Lane Stell, brings together two popular landscape painters.

Redline is renowned in the Denver area for being a non-profit that grooms professional artists by giving out acres of free studio space and volumes of career coaching.

The exhibit has been noticed by the Denver Post for being tastefully understated. The Denver Post has said “The main gallery is basically a single, large room, but Stell arranged its movable walls to create a sort of room within the center of the room where she placed just two of Carey’s pieces. It has the aura of a small chapel with a small bench to rest upon while looking at the works. That move, and the sharp editing of the show’s contents, keep “Carey Fisher” from getting too big and overblown. It’s a quiet outing despite itself.”