Early Care and Education (ECE)

Ivanka Trump Visits Child Care Center In Greenwood Village

Ivanka Trump, first daughter, and advisor to President Trump, hosted a childcare roundtable at the Bright Beginnings Learning Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado to underscore the importance of childcare in this time of economic recovery. The event also highlighted policies and practices implemented by childcare programs(s) who received PPP loans to maintain their operations. Senator Cory Gardner and the other roundtable panelists emphasized the crucial importance of having safe and accessible child care options for families to stay or return to the workforce.

Advisor Ivanka Trump and Panelists

The safe operations of childcare facilities to meet the needs of children and parents was a priority for the panelists invited to share their thoughts and experiences with Advisor Trump and Senator Cory Gardner. The conversation highlighted policies and practices that programs can model for successful reopening using the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds. David Merage, founder of Consolidated Investment Group and the David and Laura Merage Foundation shared his perspectives on the need to better support childcare affordability and help build the supply of quality childcare. The panel also included Dr. Laurie Todd-Smith, Director U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, Assistant Secretary Lynn Johnson, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), and Ms. Archana Shinde (Archie), Owner and Director of Bright Beginnings.

Maintaining our nation’s childcare supply is not only vital for the economy, it is critical for children. Mr. Merage pointed out to Advisor Trump that children experience tremendous brain growth in the first five years of life and it is critical that child care is both nurturing and educational. Ivanka responded,

David, I love that you said children birth to five are experiencing explosive brain growth, and I agree that every childcare environment needs to support this early learning.

Ivanka Trump, Advisor

Advisor Ivanka Trump with Panelists

Childcare reopening affects parents’ ability to rejoin the workforce. During the discussion, Mr. Merage also shared that we unfairly expect moms to hold down multiple jobs—their professional careers, caring for children, maintaining a home – and we should be doing a better job supporting them. To that end, Advisor Trump replied,

David, I like the way you recognized the role of women in caregiving. We need to recognize the value of this work and find ways to better support working moms.

Ivanka Trump, Advisor

Childcare providers are doing their best to ensure their facilities can operate safely and follow proper COVID protocols to help America get back to work. Advisor Trump and the other panelists expressed their gratitude to the child care sector on behalf of all working parents and underscored that child care providers are true heroes.