Early Care and Education (ECE)

Denver 7 Features Care For All Children

As lawmakers are preparing bills for the 2020 legislative session, advocates are urging policymakers to focus more on affordable and quality child care for children, instead of mandated paid family and medical leave. At the forefront of this issue is the Care For All Children campaign, powered by the David and Laura Merage Foundation, which focuses on re-framing the early child care issue on a societal level, and not an issue for just parents to overcome.

From all backgrounds, no matter race or wealth, and what we really did see was this connecting story of how much they cared for their children.

Hughey, speaking about the stories featured on the CareForAllChildren website.

Denver parent, Stephen Daubert, commented on the cost of child care for his two daughters, which is $650 per week.

It’s quite a lot, it’s almost a second mortgage, but we are not going to compromise. We want great educational childcare for our kids.

Stephen Daubert, Denver parent

Ty Johnson, Early Education Manager for Early Learning Ventures, commented that is goes above and beyond the cost issue to a real shortage of quality care.

In some areas they’re really focused on just keeping children safe, and in their minds they’re doing the best that they can with the resources that are available to them.

Ty Johnson, Early Education Manager for Early Learning Ventures