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The Christian Science Monitor on Child Care

Mar 05 2021

The Christian Science Monitor recently published an article by Laurent Belsie honoring the struggle that many working parents have faced for years when considering child care. With the pandemic and child care centers being unable to provide care, parents are trying to do it all while working from home and taking care of their children.

While parents have been spread thin for months, the silver lining is this longtime problem is finally being brought to light. The Biden administration and Republicans in Congress are pushing legislation to assist families in paying for child care, extending or increasing unemployment benefits, and providing funding to reopen schools.

Many experts were quoted throughout the article, including the David & Laura Merage Foundation, who have been strong advocates for ECE policy reform for years.

“There’s been more interest from lawmakers in the last six months than in the last 20 years”

Sue Renner, Executive Director of the David & Laura Merage Foundation

While some advocates are pushing for extra support for low-income families, others argue that high-quality care should be affordable and accessible for all.

“Some of the lawmakers are looking at providing child care and the support to child care for only the poorest, and we say: ‘Wait a second, the majority of this country is middle class”

David Merage, founder of the David & Laura Merage Foundation

In addition to lawmakers playing a role in finding a solution, employers and corporations also have a role to play. By providing policies that are supportive of working parents, particularly women, they are able to retain and recruit top talent.

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