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David Merage Featured in Newsweek

Aug 06 2021

David writes, “We were facing a child care crisis in the U.S. before the pandemic. It became more glaring in the past year, when, due to lockdowns and school closures it created a further crippling blow for the economy. Women were forced to leave the workforce in droves. Without action on child care, parents with caregiving responsibilities […]

Laura Gets Honest for a Future Without Art

Aug 06 2021

“I don’t remember art hanging on the walls of my childhood home in Iran. I learned later in life that many members of my family were creative, but at the time it felt like art was not readily accessible to me. In many ways, my artistic pursuits were limited by a societal expectation not to […]

Desert Tech to Make a Splash at the World Expo

Aug 06 2021

i24 News highlighted Merage Foundation Israel’s plans to launch a competition to present Desert Tech at the World Expo in Dubai. Nicole Hod Stroh, Merage Foundation Israel’s Executive Director shares the unique role Merage Foundation Israel in the Negev region has the the extraordinary impact Desert Tech has world-wide.

Laura Merage Featured In Forbes

Jun 16 2021

On June 16, 2021 Laura Merage shared with Forbes the pivotal role of venture philanthropy in addressing some of our societies biggest challenges. “I believe sustainable, systemic social change for future generations requires more than just grant checks. Many people and organizations give charitable donations and that’s where it stops. That’s a good place to […]