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Merage Featured in The Hill

Apr 14 2021
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David Merage continues to show his commitment to the development of young children by advocating for childcare reform in The Hill. His insights as a successful business owner are essential to showing other business leaders that investing in childcare is “a universal win for parents, corporations, and the economy alike.” Along side David’s personal advocacy, the David and Laura Merage Foundation’s public awareness and policy campaign CareForAllChildren is tirelessly working to amplify voices of all those impacted by the childcare crisis, business leaders being a crucial voice for policy makers to consider.  

CareForAllChildren is a national bi-partisan campaign that advocates for affordable, accessible and high quality childcare for all children. By raising the voices of parents, grandparents and allies CareForAllChildren can show the true impact of the childcare affordability crisis and push for bi-partisan solutions.