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Jonathan Merage Foundation Featured via Inside Philanthropy

Jul 05 2016
Jonathan Merage

An articled titled A Young Donor’s Striking Niche: Tracking Severe Weather, published by Inside Philanthropy features Jonathan Merage’s philanthropic approach and focus on science and severe weather research and education. An excerpt from the article reads:

“In an increasingly crowded philanthropic landscape, it’s often difficult for smaller donors to find a very specific but important niche where their money can make a difference. Extreme weather strikes us as a smart choice. Obviously, there’s a fair amount of government money in this area, but we haven’t seen many funders focusing on weather. It will be interesting to see where Jonathan Merage heads with his giving.”

Read the full article here.

Image: Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (CC BY-ND 2.0)