CareForAllChildren is a national policy and public awareness campaign that advocates for accessible, high-quality childcare for all children.

Accessible, Affordable, High Quality

Why Childcare?

It’s simple – parents cannot work without affordable childcare options. Families that are able to keep more of their hard earned earnings at such a critical time are much more likely to maintain financially stability throughout their child’s life. Ensuring families have access to high-quality and affordable childcare supports a strong workforce and an even stronger economy.

Impact of Early Care and Education

Decades of brain science shows that children that receive consistent, high-quality care in their first five year of life have a measurable and positive impact on not only the individual child but on society as a whole. Investing in high-quality, early care and education pays off; every dollar we spend now saves up to $11 in later spending on social programs, criminal justice costs, and more.

Bipartisan Issue

The lack of affordable, high-quality childcare options impacts families of all socio-economic levels and geographical locations. To tackle this complex problem we need a variety of policies that address the supply crisis and support families ability to pay for care. It will take all sides of the political spectrum to come together to address such a crucial issue that drives our nation’s economy.

Take Action

Equitable access to quality care impacts all of us. Changing the narrative starts with shining a light on this financial dilemma and holding policy makers accountable to provide parents with cost relief. Parents need allies, and we are calling on grandparents, teachers, religious leaders, and others to join the movement today!

"Childcare affordability has long been viewed as a parent's financial failing but once you do the math you see that Parents are set up to fail. Our entire nation suffers when kids don't have proper care and caretakers (mostly women) are forced out of the workforce. I find hope in joining CFAC's movement, it's time our nation prioritizes family affordability."

- CFAC Parent and Advocate

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