Accessible, Affordable, High Quality

The David & Laura Merage Foundation is a proud sponsor of the public awareness campaign, CareForAllChildren, advocating for the importance of accessible, affordable, quality childcare in America. Investing in early childhood education and care can help close the education gap, the income gap, and the gender gap. Investing in high-quality, early childhood education and care pays off, for every dollar we spend now saves up to $11 later by reducing spending on social programs, criminal justice costs, and more. 

We are calling on policymakers to care about this issue as much as parents. This isn’t just a family issue, it’s an economic, educational, and community issue.

Not only does high-quality, early childhood education provide the foundation for a child’s success later in life, it can also break down the poverty cycle. In addition to these longer-term benefits, it also allows parents to return to the workforce now, build their skills, advance in their careers, and raise their income. This investment can help American remain competitive in the global marketplace. 

Policymakers have been largely unresponsive to the childcare affordability crisis, and we believe this is largely due to a lack of constituent demand. It’s little wonder this is a hidden crisis since parents are often reluctant to reveal their childcare affordability challenges. We are working to change that by making it crystal clear why equitable access to quality care matters to all of us, and changing the narrative from a parental financial problem to the failure of a society to care for its youngest citizens. 


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