Community Development

Creating Thriving Communities

The David & Laura Merage Foundation believes in social changes that result in families and communities improving the quality and circumstances of their lives. Community development partners are focused on strengthening and supporting communities that offer services and opportunities for individuals to thrive and prosper. These goals are achieved through community partners such as The Equitas Project, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Moishe House, and La Maida, to name a few. 

Equitas Project

The Equitas Project, an initiative founded by the David and Laura Merage Foundation in 2013, and operated by Mental Health Colorado is committed to disentangling mental health and criminal justice. On April 16th, 2020, The Equitas Project became a part of Mental Health Colorado, the state’s leading advocate for mental health and criminal justice reform. By joining forces with Mental Health Colorado Equitas will increase their capacity to lead the decriminalization of mental health, and ultimately create healthier minds across the lifespan.

Jewish Life

A large portion of our community development support is focused in the area of Jewish life. In this area, we support organizations that promote identity within the community and promote acceptance of cultural and religious differences in our society. This is accomplished through partnerships with organizations such as National Jewish Health, Jewish Colorado, Denver Jewish Day School, Hillel of Colorado, and many more. 

The Foundations’ partnerships with and support of these organizations since its inception has led to the successful execution of numerous programs benefiting the Jewish community and beyond.

Community Equality

The Foundation is committed to fostering equality for all and we are outraged by the incessant and pervasive racial discrimination that is suffocating our nation. We are steadfast in our efforts to increase opportunities for all Americans, and our resolve is stronger than ever to realize a society where every single person can succeed regardless of skin color. It is the time to stand up to injustice in all forms and ensure equity for all.