About Us

Our purpose is to tackle complex societal problems and accelerate lasting solutions.

Our aim is to realize a society where:

Every child has access to quality early care and educationthe cost of care is a shared responsibility, and families are served by an ample supply of high-performing providers.

The mental health & criminal justice systems are disentangled, and laws are enacted to ensure equitable treatment for people experiencing mental illness.

Artists have access to incubator facilities where they can create, exhibit and accelerate their careers, and communities have access to contemporary art in nomadic museums outside the confines of gallery walls.

Israel is a prosperous nation, with an economically vibrant and culturally vital Negev region.

Venture Philanthropy

We believe in the power of venture philanthropy and invest in new, sometimes unproven social impact innovations to see if they can work not only in one place, but across the whole society. We mobilize our resources, business acumen, creativity, leadership and financial capital to catalyze the idea, and create the conditions for success. We partner with those who share our ethical fiber and high standards of performance and we hold ourselves accountable for achieving ambitious results. Our commitments are deep and lasting, because we know that big ideas often start small and need sustained incubation. Lastly, we are a trustworthy organization with no gamesmanship and no bureaucracy. Our partners can count on our work and they can count on us.

As venture philanthropists, David and Laura leveraged their Foundation’s resources to launch RedLine, Early Learning Ventures, Equitas Project, and Black Cube. In conjunction with Katherine Merage, they likewise initiated Merage Foundation Israel, which has been actively working to increase the prosperity of Israel for over 20 years.