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Laura Merage Featured In Forbes

On June 16, 2021 Laura Merage shared with Forbes the pivotal role of venture philanthropy in addressing some of our societies biggest challenges.

I believe sustainable, systemic social change for future generations requires more than just grant checks. Many people and organizations give charitable donations and that’s where it stops. That’s a good place to start, but I think to truly make a difference it is important to be hands-on and share your know-how and experiences. We must also speak out about the problems we’re looking to solve. It makes our philanthropy more powerful and effective.

Laura Merage, Artist & Philanthropist

She also shared how her background helped shape her as an artist and a philanthropist. And the importance of letting passion and perseverance drive your work.

Griffin: What advice can you give to people who have a vision and want to make a difference?

Merage: “No” isn’t an answer you should ever accept. As a parent, an artist, and in our business ventures, I learned to persevere no matter what. If it is not working one way, shift and go a different direction. For women especially, if you have drive and a vision, don’t give up. Find a supportive network and join forces with like-minded people. Adapt, transform, pull from your personal experiences and advocate for yourself and your cause.