The Jerusalem Post Features Merage Foundation Israel

La Forêt Blanche Wine  (photo credit: Courtesy)

The Jerusalem Post recognized Merage Foundation Israel’s partnership with 15 different wineries from around the Negev area to create “Negev Wines”, a wine club aimed at giving its customers an impressive tourism experience. Established by the HaShomer HaChadash and Merage Foundation Israel, the wine club will encourage tourism in the Negev region and hopefully boost the area as a recognized tourist destination.

The combination of Zionism and the vision of making the desert bloom, leads to creative innovative solutions that attract people from around the world to study about desert agriculture in an age of global warming.

Nicole Hod Stroh, Executive Director of Merage Foundation Israel

Merage Foundation Israel is known throughout the state of Israel for its economic, social, and philanthropic initiatives to advance the well-being of the country.

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