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Early Learning Ventures Supports Child Care Providers During Pandemic

Chalkbeat Colorado recently released an article ‘We were overlooked: Colorado’s child care providers face a rough road to recovery.’ The article talks with Darlene Lowe, a home care provider in Arvada. Darlene discusses the difficulties she faced when the pandemic hit and the eight children she normally cared for stopped coming, and therefore gravely impacted her family’s livelihood.

The first part of COVID, I cried for two weeks. I just cried like a baby. That’s how frightened I was — about everything, the loss of income, that we were going to get COVID and die.

Darlene Lowe, Chalkbeat Colorado

Darlene did what she could to help support her family by applying for unemployment and picking up notary work, but wondered why the state wasn’t doing more for child care providers such as her. Luckily, Early Learning Ventures (ELV), understood the struggles of child care providers during this time and went to great lengths to help Darlene stay afloat. ELV waived her monthly fee, provided touchless thermometers, and paid for her to install a sidewalk that led directly to her child care room at the back of her home.

ELV’s leadership team knew that within their network of over 200 providers, many if not all found themselves in unchartered territory trying to make it out of dire situations. The ELV team was able to use data collected and respond quickly to these providers, assisting each of their specifics needs.

It’s been a struggle. It’s been to the point where I’ve thought of really just closing the day care completely.

Darlene Lowe, Chalkbeat Colorado

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