Merage Foundation Israel Donates Computers

In response to the recent need for many to learn from home, Merage Foundation Israel partnered with Rashi foundation to provide computers to families, children, and youth in need. This included those in residential care, those living with special-needs, and families living in poverty.

There is clearly a crucial need to enable those who can’t afford a computer to gain access to education. I believe that every student we connect to online learning will use it as an opportunity to develop and progress, to integrate into society and even to contribute back to it.

Nicole Hod Stroh, CEO of the Merage Foundation Israel

The Merage Foundation Israel is continuing to provide support to communities on different levels during these trying times. The Foundation has found innovative ways to continue much of its programming, including women’s leadership. Online meetings to discuss female empowerment, time management, personal development and much have become the temporary norm. The Wings programs for Lone Soldiers is engaging the community in a fundraising activity to provide soldiers with monetary support. The Connected to Life program, which pairs high school students with senior citizens to teach them how to use a smartphone, is continuing virtually. The Foundation will continue its strategic plan for economic development in the Negev following the pandemic.