Early Care and Education (ECE)

Merage Mini Heroes

The David and Laura Merage Foundation launched the Merage Mini Heroes project to bring joy to the children of our courageous front line healthcare professionals who are working extraordinarily long shifts away from their families. In partnership with Timbuk Toys and several other local businesses, we created 500 boxes of educational and age appropriate toys that were gifted to parents working at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Denver Health. David and Laura have a deep commitment to early childhood education and this initiative is their way to honor the mini heroes behind the healthcare front lines.

Our intention is to spark a bit of joy with these toys, and quite simply show these little ones how grateful we are that they are sharing their families with Coloradans in need.

Sue Renner, Vice President of Philanthropy for the David & Laura Merage Foundation

The Merage Mini Heroes project is a humongous success! It is generating lots of excitement and overwhelming joy, and we are so thankful that David, Laura and their organization provided us with this act of kindness.

Jamie Smith, CEO at St. Joseph Hospital

CBS4 News Denver covered the amazing impact of this initiative on Thursday, April 30th. While this is unique to Denver, the Merages hope that this initiative will inspire others nationally.

We are so appreciative the David and Laura Merage Foundation recognizes the children, the mini heroes, behind our caregivers. The donation of toy boxes will enrich families and reward those on the front line. We are so grateful for their consideration and responsiveness.

Leslie McKay, Executive Director of Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation

If additional hospitals and foundations are looking to participate or expand the current giving program, they can contact Catharina Hughey, chughey@merage.org.