Early Care and Education (ECE)


The CareForAllChildren campaign believes that every child deserves access to high quality and affordable child care. The campaign relies on parent support, testimonials, and encourages them to sign a petition to get the attention of policymakers.

CareForAllChildren recently partnered with Home of the Harveys, a modern American family that shares their journey through life with the online world. Day and Matt recently had daughter Pria join their family and realized the new array of responsibilities that arise when you have a child. Day mentions that after running into personal barriers in relation to child care and joining talks with CareForAllChildren advocates, she’s developed quite a fire for societal change to happen in relation to this topic.

Additionally, The Thoughtful Parent shared an article by Amy Webb, wife and mother with a passion for child development. Why The Childcare Crisis In The Us Affects All Of Us discusses the many challenges that parents face on a daily basis to find quality, affordable child care but also touches on child care challenges during these tough times. Read more here.

The CareForAllChildren is an initiative powered by the David & Laura Merage Foundation, who believe that all children deserve access to high quality care and education. Learn more about the CareForAllChildren initiative and how you can take action.