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Is Denver A Good Place For Artists?

As the city struggles with growth and affordability, creatives are feeling the pinch. But they say there are reasons to be optimistic, too. Read the full 5280 article here

Affordability—when it comes to both living and working—has long been a major gripe of the local creative community. Colorado is the seventh fastest-growing state in the country, and for artists who live in Denver, the inherent difficulties of the profession are being compounded by the consequences of the city’s explosive growth. “Denver’s creative scene is a mirror of the larger community,” says Cortney Lane Stell, executive director and chief curator of Black Cube, a nomadic contemporary art museum.

Artists hope these new or renewed venues will be open to showcasing a broader array of mediums and more experimental approaches and that the city will support art forms beyond the super-hot street art scene. “Denver is a great place right now for traditional 2-D artists and people interested in immersive and new media arts,” says Black Cube’s Stell. “Denver is a challenging place for artists operating outside of those parameters.”