DeserTech Eyes Regional Cooperation

DeserTech, formed by the Merage Foundation and the Israel Innovation Institute, already eyes regional cooperation.

The Israeli Innovation Institute and the David and Laura Merage Foundation have announced the launch of a desert technology community called DeserTech.bDeserTech’s mission is to promote technologies that will help “in dealing with the challenges of the desert and enlightened use of its resources for the benefit of humanity.”

According to the announcement, the community, to be located in Beersheva, will operate as part of a climate change innovation center located in the Beersheva innovation district, initiated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in collaboration with Ben Gurion University, the Municipality of Beersheva and Soroka Medical Center.

One of the goals of the community is to transform the Negev region, and the city of Beersheva in particular, into an entrepreneurial and technological hub for innovations that enable sustainable living in arid climates. DeserTech’s vision is to develop technologies in the region that will address the global desertification challenge, and make Beersheva and the Negev a national and global center for these technologies.

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