What’s Happening: Merage Foundation Israel

Merage Foundation Israel is pleased to report that on October 23, 2018, the WINGS program awarded 70 lone soldiers with $1,000 scholarships at a ceremony honoring their service thanks to a new donor from Brazil. In attendance was the new head of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s board – Itzhak Hertzog (Bozi), Avigdor Liberman – Defense Minister, high-level officers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Keren Ha-Yesod management (Mike beyli, Greg Mayzel, David Koshitzki), and the CEO of the Ministry of Absorption, who all came to celebrate these extraordinary young adults. In addition to the prominent guest list, most notably in attendance were the young immigrant soldiers and former lone soldiers who were recently completed their time with the IDF.

The WINGS program, operated by the Jewish Agency for Israel and Merage Foundation Israel, helps lone soldiers integrate back into Israeli society upon their release from military service. Through the WINGS program, lone soldiers receive support in areas of education, employment, and life skills to become independent, confident, and active members of Israeli society.

The ceremony was to highlight the many incredible, courageous individuals that have and will be taking their first steps into entering Israeli society. Adi Boblil, Division Director of Community Development and Education of Merage Foundation Israel, reflected on the evening and said it was a “very special ceremony” and the most successful event to date. With approximately 1,000 guests in attendance, the WINGS program is exemplifying how investing in young adults with genuine care, support, and training can have positive life-changing effects on individuals and the State of Israel.