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Sabrina Merage Naim Featured in Women 2.0

Sabrina Merage Naim was featured in popular women’s magazine Women 2.0 last month. Sabrina shares her interest in venture capital through her company Echo Capital Group, and provides readers with a better understanding of her philanthropic ventures through the Sabrina Merage Foundation. Below, Sam Joseph inquires about Sabrina’s philanthropy:

Why did you start the Sabrina Merage Foundation? Expand on your mission statement:

“Promoting tolerance and acceptance of diversity through education.”

When I was graduating from college, my grandmother decided she wanted to make a gift to all of her grandchildren in order to start their own philanthropic foundations and become communally involved. This was very unique, as the norm is to see families have one large family foundation with a board of directors who collectively decide on a giving theme and donors.

In this case, we are able to individually pursue projects that are important to us. At that time in my life, I was seeing a great deal of division on college campuses due to people’s beliefs, race, religion, socio-economic status, etc. These clashes were creating larger and larger divides among students who should celebrate the diversity of college life above all.

It became important to me to partner with organizations that promote community, inclusiveness, and education of our differences. I also have a strong connection to my Jewish roots and enjoy partnering with organizations that promote togetherness, heritage, and community resilience.

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