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What’s Happening: Black Cube

On April 19, Black Cube in partnership with ArtPlant, released Issue 1 of the WVWVWVWVWVW broadsheet. This broadsheet included the result of in-depth conversations that took place back in January about alternatives to higher arts education. The broadsheet highlights contributions from DIY institutional panelists, writers, thinkers, and artists. A curated calendar of cultural events taking place across the front rage and a full-page artist edition are also included. Check it out at Black Cube.

Laura Shill, current Artist Fellow, will be exhibiting her work titled Trophy Wall at a satellite exhibition coinciding with the 57th Venice Biennale in May. On April 7th, Stephanie Edwards released an Illusive Façade: An Interview with Laura Shill. Laura dives deeper into her practice and her excitement of the upcoming exhibition.

Being in an exhibition with artists from all parts of the world at this particular political moment just feels so charged with a sort of urgency to be honest and reflect on other perspectives and it’s a privilege to be a part of that.

Laura Shill, Artist Fellow

Joel Swanson, also a current Artist Fellow, will also be exhibiting his work titled S/HE at the satellite exhibition in Venice starting next month. Similar to the interview with Laura, Stephanie also conducted Language as Medium Interview with Joel Swanson. Joel discusses his work around language and how it divides human concepts into binaries.

I want my work to highlight the role that language plays in shaping our identities and categories of being. I want my work to introduce complexity in the way we think about identity.

Joel Swanson, Artist Fellow