Community Development

Jonathan Merage & Denver Botanic Gardens Collaborate

The Jonathan Merage Foundation and Denver Botanic Gardens have nurtured a strong relationship for close to 10 years now, collaborating on projects that bring new ways of experiencing science to the Denver community. Most recently, the two organizations partnered to bring to life a projection interactive in the Science Pyramid. By incorporating Kinect 3D motion sensing technology in conjunction with a large-scale projection mapping system, visitors can recognize the cause and effect of weather, climate, geography, and ecology. This interactive screen is projected unto a large interior wall within the Science Pyramid, highlighting a phenomenon that is common within the plains east of the Rocky Mountains, known as Chinook winds. These winds consist of dry, warm downslope winds that are created by air currents passing across the mountain ranges. The interactive model showcases the unpredictable weather changes that these winds can bring about throughout Denver.

The interactive model is very user friendly, encouraging visitors of all ages to interact and create weather changes by simply using hand motions, which are tracked by the projection system. Individuals have the opportunity to create these westward winds, move clouds, and engage weather changes across the plains.

To learn more, visit the Jonathan Merage Foundation site and schedule a visit to create your own unique wind patterns at the Denver Botanic Gardens.