Community Development

Sabrina Merage Foundation Commences 3-Year Grant Commitment to Expand Capacity for Warm Cookies of the Revolution

The Sabrina Merage Foundation announced its continued support and expanded commitment to Denver-based Warm Cookies of the Revolution. As Denver’s award-winning “civic health club,” Warm Cookies of the Revolution seeks to answer the questions “What do we want?” and “How do we get there?” by hosting events that are creative and fun to engage citizens in important community discussions. They work to meet people where they are by holding events in centrally-located community spaces, and encourage program participants to take ownership, be creative, and engage to create positive change for themselves and those around them.

The Sabrina Merage Foundations expanded three-year commitment aims to help strengthen the young non-profit’s infrastructure and programs while further developing the organization’s operating model to achieve scale and sustainability.

We are excited about the powerful work that Warm Cookies of the Revolution is doing in Denver, and see the importance of these critical conversations to help guide our future. We would like to see more and more communities engaging in these thought-provoking, community-based discussions and be inspired to take action in their respective communities in the days, weeks and months that follow each event.

Sabrina Merage Naim, founder of the Sabrina Merage Foundation

Through stimulating discussions surrounding vital issues of good governance, environment, justice, life-long learning, family, and work/life balance, they encourage people to be proud, active voices in their communities, resulting in more power over the critical decisions that affect their lives.

About Warm Cookies of the Revolution

Warm Cookies of the Revolution is the world’s first Civic Health Club, combining vital civic issues with top-notch arts and culture, engaging regular folks in civic action. You can catch Warm Cookies programs every month at the McNichols building and the Denver Art Museum, in addition to other venues across the metro area.