Merage Israel’s Tmura Program Provides Support to Iranian Immigrant Families with Teenagers Entering the IDF

Tmura is a community program which aims to expand and deepen the contribution of Iranian immigrants and their families to the state of Israel by committing to meaningful army service and or national service.

The program guides individuals of Iranian originated families, both first and second generation, from their first army order through their enlistment to the IDF.

Tmura2On May 17, Merage Israel in cooperation with the military social wing of the ministry defense, held a workshop for 35 parents from Iranian origin in Holon to help them understand more about the service operations for their children.

The workshop raised awareness of the importance of meaningful army service, and provided answers to questions to decrease anxieties. A lecture on the recruiting process was given by two retired army service colonels. After the lecture, the parents sat in small groups where they were able to ask questions openly.

This workshop was one of many planned throughout the year as part of the Tmura program. In 2015, the program hosted conferences in Jerusalem and Holon for 120 participants and provided instruction and counseling to a total of 340 teenagers.