Community Development

Jonathan Merage Foundation + Hawaii Nature Center

On a recent business trip to Maui, Jonathan Merage visited the Hawaii Nature Center (HNC), an educational non-profit that employs interactive, immersive experiences to foster understanding and stewardship of the Hawaiian Islands’ environment.

Hawaii Nature Center _Image1Impressed by Hawaii Nature Center’s scientific and ecological programming, as well as their plans for enhancement, the Jonathan Merage Foundation team is collaborating with HNC Executive Director Jeeyun Lee and Hawaii Pacific Solar President Bob Johnston to secure a photovoltaic solar array.

The solar installation will provide almost all of the power HNC uses, and will generate tremendous utility-use savings. HNC, in turn, will use those savings to enhance its programmatic elements connecting Hawaiian families and children to nature, thereby building internal capacities that further its mission.

Jonathan Merage Foundation strives to create partnerships that strategically leverage investments that accelerate social impacts—in this case, reduced environmental footprint, increased cash savings, and organizational capacity-building.