Early Care and Education (ECE)

Op-Ed By David Merage is Published in The Pueblo Chieftain

An op-ed titled “Investing in Early Childhood Education” authored by David Merage was published in The Pueblo Chiftain. In this article, David calls out the importance of this issue and urges voters and our political leaders to prioritize our kids and their future at the top of the list of critical issues for our country’s future leaders.

Excerpt from article:

Investing in early learning programs has a huge economic impact. A comprehensive, national early childhood education program would add $2 trillion to the annual GDP within a generation, according to the Brookings Institution. We know Colorado voters, regardless of political affiliation, want all presidential candidates to prioritize our kids as they stump through our state on the road to the White House. Now it’s time for the candidates to listen and act. Our kids deserve it.